To determine example sentences

He constantly had to use his stick to locate the road, to determine where the water was most shallow.Prepare trading account to determine profit (or Loss) due to incidental commercial (trading) activity.It is used to determine the spacing between the lines of a text with multiple lines.: This property is meant to determine whether focus is allowed on the control or not.Turnover ratios are calculated to determine the efficiency of operations based on effective utilisation of resources.Knowing the heat capacity of the liquid in which calorimeter is immersed and the heat capacity of calorimeter, it is possible to determine the heat evolved in the process by measuring temperature changes.These large MNCs have tremendous power to determine price, quality, delivery, and labour conditions for these distant producers.n value assessment, we try to determine the dominant values of a person (e.g., political, religious, social or economic).It must be used in conjunction with format property to determine the final appearance of numeric data.This property is meant to determine whether the text in a control appears horizontally or vertically.Three characteristics of noise have been found to determine its effect on task performance, namely, intensity, predictability, and controllability of noise.The tools for analysis help in studying accounting data so as to determine the continuity of the operating policies, investment value of the business, credit ratings and testing the efficiency of operations.The Income Statement or Profit and Loss Account is prepared for the above period to determine the operational results of an undertaking.Solvency ratios are calculated to determine the ability of the business to service its debt in the long run.Therefore, the problem faced in this situation is how to use the available information in the incomplete records to ascertain the profit or loss for the particular accounting year and to determine the financial position of a entity as at the end of the year.

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