To divide example sentences

As climate plays an important role in the formation of grasslands, it is generally used as a basis to divide the world's grasslands into two broad categories: those that occur in the temperate region and those that occur in the tropical regions.Here, both the progeny cells following mitotic cell division retain the ability to divide and continue to do so.What would happen if the meristem ceases to divide? Does this ever happen? In Chapter 6, you have studied about the root apical meristem and the shoot apical meristem.The cells of such meristems have the capacity to divide and self-perpetuate.In arithmetic growth, following mitotic cell division, only one daughter cell continues to divide while the other differentiates and matures.While doing so, such meristems/tissues are able to divide and produce cells that once again lose the capacity to divide but mature to perform specific functions, i.e., get redifferentiated.It therefore becomes essential for the cell to divide to restore the nucleo-cytoplasmic ratio.The product, however, soon loses the capacity to divide and such cells make up the plant body.The living differentiated cells, that by now have lost the capacity to divide can regain the capacity of division under certain conditions.How would you describe a tumour? What would you call the parenchyma cells that are made to divide under controlled laboratory conditions during plant tissue culture? Recall, in Section 1 1, we have mentioned that the growth in plants is open, i.e., it can be indeterminate or determinate.When a cell loses the capacity to divide, it leads to differentiation.That it carries a preferential right to dividend to be paid either as a fixed amount payable to preference shareholders or an amount calculated by a fixed rate of the nominal value of each share before any dividend is paid to the equity shareholders.

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