To draw example sentences

After the completion of the drawing, the subject is generally asked to draw the figureure of an opposite sex person.While some join protest movements to figureht inequality, others might use their pen, or their voice, or their ability to dance to draw attention to issues of inequality.It is often convenient to draw a schematic diagram, in which different components of the circuit are represented by the symbols conveniently used.In a feeble voice she asked Sue to draw the curtains.Thus, care has been taken in these chapters to draw boys into the discussion as well.The party that ruled through oppression and brutal killings and the party that led the freedom struggle sat together to draw up a common constitution.In 1815, representatives of the European powers – Britain, Russia, Prussia and Austria – who had collectively defeated Napoleon, met at ienna to draw up a settlement for Europe.To cultivate the land, she also needs seeds, fertilisers, agricultural equipments and pumpsets to draw water.We used the doe's liver to draw out the poison and save Pa.Persian wheels were, till then, used by farmers to draw water from the wells and irrigate small fields.This facility is a useful tool to draw the attention of user or reader of report to some values of particular interest, such as amounts exceeding certain limit or unexpected balances in some accounts.An important point in connection with bill receivables and bills payable books is that they only record the transactions relating to drawing and acceptance of bills, all other transactions do not record the entire range of transactions relating to the bills, e.g. relating to bills discounted, endorsement, retirement, renewal etc.It is a simple test in which the subject is asked to draw a person on a sheet of paper.But Gandhi was not permitted to draw water from the well lest some drops from his bucket pollute the entire source; how did they know that he was not an untouchable? Gandhi decided to go first to Muzzafarpur, which was en route to Champaran, to obtain more complete information about conditions than Shukla was capable of imparting.The idea was to draw residents away from the Old City to a new type of market square, around which shops would be built.

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