To explain example sentences

Social psychologists have shown that one must go beyond common sense and folk wisdom in order to explain how people observe and make sense of their own and others' diverse behaviours.The chapter 'People as Resource' is an effort to explain population as an asset for the economy rather than a liability.Personality assessment helps us to explain an individual s behaviour and predict how she/he will behave in future.If I hadn't eaten I would have been asked to explain why I did not want any food, and if I had pretended illness the doctor would have been summoned and if the doctor, after feeling my pulse, had declared, Munna has devoured a mound of jalebis, I would simply die.Note that the examples are an aid to explain a more general point.It issues loans to commercial banks in a similar fashion We are now ready to explain the mechanism of money creation by the monetary authority, RBI.You might want to explain the ideas of virtual reality and virtual classroom .Social psychologists examine various forms of social behaviour, and try to explain their basis.In this section we shall discuss the periodic trends in certain physical and chemical properties and try to explain them in terms of number of electrons and energy levels.The chemiosmotic hypothesis has been put forward to explain the mechanism.A simple model to explain motivation process is presented below.We will examine some of the approaches which are currently being used to explain abnormal behaviour.Since the students may find this difficult to understand, it is necessary to explain to them through examples.All this is of course futile on my part to explain — you and the likes of you never read even the elementary books on Science.I wonder if this is only an excuse to explain away a perpetual state of poverty.

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