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They engage in abstract reasoning, and can manipulate symbols to solve mathematical problems.One way to solve this problem is to make it legally binding to have a fair proportion of women in the elected bodies.: Elements of Triarchic Theory of ntelligence Experiential ntelligence: Experiential or creative intelligence is involved in using past experiences creatively to solve novel problems.The chapter has taken the example of unemployment and what the government can do to solve it.College students were assigned to groups of five persons and were required to solve puzzles and problems.Resilience has recently been defined in terms of three resources: I HA E (social and interpersonal strengths), i.e. 'people around me I trust and who love me no matter what', I AM (inner strengths), i.e. 'respectful of myself and others', and I CAN ( interpersonal and problem solving skills), i.e. 'find ways to solve problems I face'.If you are to solve a quadratic equation choose the mathematical solution that makes chemical sense.Componential ntelligence : Componential or analytical intelligence is the analysis of information to solve problems.For example, children may have plenty of self-esteem (I am), but may lack anyone whom they can turn to for support (I have), and do not have the capacity to solve problems (I can), will not be resilient.You can think of the procedure as follows – in order to solve for the values of two variables x and y from two equations, we solve for one variable, say x, in terms of y from one equation first, and then substitute this value into the other equation to obtain the complete solution.There are many ways to solve the problems of land degradation.In order to solve economic problems of our country, the government took several steps including control by the State of certain industries, central planning and reduced importance of the private sector.

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