To think example sentences

The socialist revolution in Russia had inspired many Indians to think of shaping a system based on social and economic equality.As boundaries between cultures and nations get blurred and new communication technology makes it possible to think of the world as a global village , the scope of international and intercultural relationships is rapidly expanding.The second part of the unit encourages students to think about the rich heritage of Indian music, and our musical instruments.It is utterly foolish to think that controlling could be accomplished without planning.The Speaking and Writing exercises encourage the students to think about the relationship between children and parents.As grain had to be stored for both food and seed, people had to think of ways of storing it.अनाज को भोजन और बीज, दोनों ही रूपों में बचा कर रखना आवश्यक था, इसलिए लोगों को इसके भंडारण की बात सोचनी पड़ी|“A lot of people seem to think that disabled people are chronically unhappy,” I said.As the group becomes more cohesive, group members start to think, feel and act as a social unit, and less like isolated individuals.Touching a flame is an urgent and dangerous situation for us, or in fact, for any animal! How would we respond to this? One seemingly simple way is to think consciously about the pain and the possibility of getting burnt, and therefore move our hand.Does it show us more about the lives of the rich or the poor? We need to think about what T does to us, how it shapes our views of the world, our beliefs, attitudes and values.Adam Smith, the founding father of modern economics, had suggested that if the buyers and sellers in each market take their decisions following only their own self-interest, economists will not need to think of the wealth and welfare of the country as a whole separately.Television has enabled us to think of ourselves as members of a larger global world.Do we have to think about or remember to breathe or digest food? So, in between the simple reflex actions like change in the size of the pupil, and the thought out actions such as moving a chair, there is another set of muscle movements over which we do not have any thinking control.Only a strong Centre, it was argued, “would be in a position to think and plan for the well-being of the country as a whole”.t allows us to think of the possible courses of action, implement them to reach a target, and evaluate their effectiveness.

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