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In other words, cells cannot continually create and transmit electrical impulses.Thus, booms and recessions in one country tend to be transmitted to other countries through international trade in goods and services.Counsellors and clients both transmit and receive verbal and non-verbal messages during the process.If other cells around have the means to detect this compound using special molecules on their surfaces, then they would be able to recognise information, and even transmit it.After a series of experiments, it was concluded that the tip of coleoptile was the site of transmittable influence that caused the bending of the entire coleoptile.Informal channels are used by the managers to transmit information so as to know the reactions of his/her subordinates.Communication is a process that helps in transmitting meaning from one person to another.When an electrical impulse reaches a neuron's ending, the nerve ending is stimulated to release a chemical, called a neurotransmitter.As you can see that in any communication process, the degree to which the communication is effective depends on the communicators' mutual understanding of the signals or codes being used in transmitting a message and in receiving.They are used for forecasting weather, transmitting television and radio signals.Usually the poorest, most deprived communities and women transmitted these songs, often adding their own experiences.Anxiety disorders have been linked to low activity of the neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), schizophrenia to excess activity of dopamine, and depression to low activity of serotonin.Secondly, once an electrical impulse is generated in a cell and transmitted, the cell will take some time to reset its mechanisms before it can generate and transmit a new impulse.These pathogens can be present in and transmitted through the soil, water and air.In the novel we see the characters attempting to bridge two different worlds through their actions: they take to new agricultural technology, modernise trading practices, change the use of Indian languages, making them capable of transmitting both Western sciences and Indian wisdom.

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