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I dashed to the halwai and bought one more rupee's worth of jalebis, came back and stood on the chabutara of one of the houses, liberally distributing jalebis to the children just like the Governor saheb used to distribute rice to the poor and needy on Independence day.Sugarcane juice can be used to prepare molasses which is fermented to give alcohol (ethanol).The utilisation of glucose to provide energy to living things involves the process of respiration in which oxygen may or may not be used to convert glucose back into carbon dioxide.In an electric circuit, a device called rheostat is often used to change the resistance in the circuit.Energy is used to pump protons across a membrane, to create a gradient or a high concentration of protons within the thylakoid lumen.The assumption regarding continuity of business allows us to charge from the revenues of a period only that part of the asset which has been consumed or used to earn that revenue in that period and carry forward the remaining amount to the next years, over the estimated life of the asset.The term that is used to denote the net contribution made by a firm is called its value added.Thus the tea leaves purchased by the consumer are not consumed in that form – they are used to make drinkable tea, which is consumed.Some other biochemical pathways are used to make the other complex compounds containing nitrogen.Following this, a group of them forced their way into the house, smashed its elegant windowpanes, furniture, porcelain … another group broke into the storehouse and plundered it of supplies of cloth which they tore to shreds … The contractor fled with his family to a neighbouring village which, however, refused to shelter such a person.Therefore, many measures are used to bring more and more agricultural land under irrigation.Don't you remember, I refused to have anything to do with it?” “Of course, I do.You might have met or heard of someone who was afraid to travel in a lift or climb to the tenth floor of a building, or refused to enter a room if s/he saw a lizard.Apart from currency notes and coins, the balance in savings, or current account deposits, held by the public in commercial banks is also considered money since cheques drawn on these accounts are used to settle transactions.Assessment refers to the procedures used to evaluate or differentiate people on the basis of certain characteristics.

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