Vague example sentences

The term anxiety is usually defined as a diffuse, vague, very unpleasant feeling of fear and apprehension.These include tactile hallucinations (i.e. forms of tingling, burning), somatic hallucinations (i.e. something happening inside the body such as a snake crawling inside one's stomach), visual hallucinations (i.e. vague perceptions of colour or distinct visions of people or objects), gustatory hallucinations (i.e. food or drink taste strange), and olfactory hallucinations (i.e. smell of poison or smoke).If you talk to people around, you will see that they have vague ideas about psychological disorders that are characterised by superstition, ignorance and fear.They include generalised anxiety disorder, which consists of prolonged, vague, unexplained and intense fears that are not attached to any particular object.“Now why,” Mr Purcell muttered, “did he do that?” He felt vaguely insulted.In the same way, cricket s vagueness about the size of a cricket ground is a result of its village origins.Such notions which prevailed everywhere else in South India at that time also, naturally, floated about vaguely among the khadi-clad poets of Gemini Studios.

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