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The number of times a unit of money changes hands during the unit period is called the velocity of circulation of money.The velocity of money, v, however, has a time dimension.The energy transferred to an object is stored as potential energy if it is not used to cause a change in the velocity or speed of the object.The work done on the object will cause a change in its velocity.Why is the kinetic energy zero? It is zero because its velocity is zero.In the lower course, due to gentle slope, the velocity of the river decreases which results in the formation of riverine islands.How much energy is possessed by a moving body by virtue of its motion? By definition, we say that the kinetic energy of a body moving with a certain velocity is equal to the work done on it to make it acquire that velocity.Consider an object of mass, m moving with a uniform velocity, u.The building was of brick and mortar and was strong enough to survive the devastation of the wind's velocity of 350 km per hour.If v is the velocity of the object at a given instant, the kinetic energy would be ½mv As the fall of the object continues, the potential energy would decrease while the kinetic energy would increase.You would recall from your Physics course that the state of a system in mechanics is completely specified at a given instant of time, by the position and velocity of each mass point of the system.

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