Volunteer example sentences

Gandhi got a doctor to volunteer his services for six months.Mukesh's eyes beam as he volunteers to take me home, which he proudly says is being rebuilt.His next task was to organise a team of youth volunteers to clean the shelter of filth, urine, vomit and floating carcasses, and to tend to the wounds and fractures of the many who had been injured.Through a tactful diplomatic alliance with France engineered by Cavour, Sardinia-Piedmont succeeded in defeating the Austrian forces in 185 Apart from regular troops, a large number of armed volunteers under the leadership of Giuseppe Garibaldi joined the fray.In 1867, Garibaldi led an army of volunteers to Rome to figureht the last obstacle to the unification of Italy, the Papal States where a French garrison was stationed.Ruchica who is studying Accounting in her school, volunteered to complete the work.Fresh volunteers kept joining through the course of the campaign, till their numbers grew to about 30,000.Prashant engaged, with other volunteers, in helping the widows and children to pick up the broken pieces of their lives.Mahadev Desai and Narhari Parikh, two young men who had just joined Gandhi as disciples, and their wives, volunteered for the work.

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