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However, common salt, magnesium and bromine are largely derived from ocean waters.Aquatic life abounds in the fresh river waters, the lakes and the Bay of Bengal Sea.This time the delegation succeeded and returned triumphantly, wading through the receding waters with food for the entire shelter.Was he to be bereaved once again? Two days later, which seemed to Prashant like two years, the rain ceased and the rain waters slowly began to recede.As long as the pollutants from nearby towns do not find their way into the lake waters, the fish cultivation will not face any threat.The headwaters of the Ganga, called the 'Bhagirathi' is fed by the Gangotri Glacier and joined by the Alaknanda at Devaprayag in Uttaranchal.He equipped himself with a long, sturdy stick, and then started on his eighteen-kilometre expedition back to his village through the swollen flood waters.Our mouth waters when we see food we like without our meaning to.This mighty river, with waters from the Ganga, and the Brahmaputra, flows into the Bay of Bengal.Then they deputed the children to lie in the sand left by the waters around the shelter with these utensils on their stomachs, to communicate to the passing helicopters that they were hungry.Some of their belongings were caught, mangled and twisted in the branches of trees just visible above the dark waters.In the fresh waters of River Ganga and River Brahmaputra, a variety of dolphin locally called Susu (also called blind dolphin) is found.These communities have used hundreds of indigenous water saving methods to capture every trickle of water that had fallen on their land; dug small pits and lakes, put in place simple watershed systems, built small earthen dams, constructed dykes, sand and limestone reservoirs, set up rooftop water-collecting units.The ocean waters contain vast quantities of minerals, but most of these are too widely diffused to be of economic significance.The flowing waters of the Ganga inspired him to improvise and invent raagas that were earlier considered to be beyond the range of the shehnai.

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