Weaving example sentences

The tanti weavers of Bengal, the julahas or momin weavers of north India, sale and kaikollar and devangs of south India are some of the communities famous for weaving.Now they had to lease out the land and devote all their time to weaving.By the 1850s, reports from most weaving regions of India narrated stories of decline and desolation.Most weaving units have about 2–8 powerlooms on which the yarn is woven into cloth.The invention of the steam engine by Richard Arkwright in 1786 revolutionised cotton textile weaving.If you look at the southern part of India in the map you will see a second cluster of cotton weaving centres along the Coromandel coast stretching from Madras to northern Andhra Pradesh.Handloom weaving and the occupations associated with it provided livelihood for millions of Indians.Many weavers had small plots of land which they had earlier cultivated along with weaving, and the produce from this took care of their family needs.The journalist Wilhelm Wolff described the events in a Silesian village as follows: In these villages (with 18,000 inhabitants) cotton weaving is the most widespread occupation … The misery of the workers is extreme.These towns emerged as important new centres of weaving in the late nineteenth century.Basket weaving, pottery and other handicrafts are examples of cottage industry.Manufacturing of steel, baking of bread and weaving of cloth are examples of this activity.The spurt in demand for goods like textiles led to a great expansion of the crafts of spinning, weaving, bleaching, dyeing, etc.Warm humid climate is well suited to spinning and weaving.The processes include ginning, spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing.

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