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Shares are not secured by any charge whereas the debentures are generally secured and carry a fixed or floating charge over the assets of the company.All the purchases in a department store are made centrally by the purchase department of the store, whereas sales are decentralised in different departments.Particulate pollutants bigger than 5 microns are likely to lodge in the nasal passage, whereas particles of about 0 micron enter into lungs easily.It is generally observed that in relation to solubility of substances in solvents, polar substances are soluble in polar solvents, whereas the non-polar ones in non-polar solvents i.e., like dissolves like.Shares are not secured by any charge whereas the debentures are generally secured and carry a fixed or floating charge over the assets of the company.5 kJ mol–1) than H–Br bond (36 7 kJ mol–1), is not cleaved by the free radical, whereas the H–I bond is weaker (29 8 kJ mol–1) and iodine free radicals combine to form iodine molecules instead of adding to the double bond.A fixed charge is created on a specific asset whereas a floating charge is on the general assets of the company.The fixed charge is created against those assets which are held by a company for use in operations not meant for sale whereas floating charge involves all assets excluding those assigned to the secured creditors.Some psychologists distinguish aggression from violence by pointing out that aggressive behaviour involves the intention to harm or injure another person, whereas violence may or may not involve such an intention.The non-metal oxides are acidic or neutral whereas metal oxides are basic in nature.In accordance with the economic planning, the government gave a lead role to the public sector for infrastructure industries whereas the private sector was broadly given the responsibility of developing consumer goods industry.Shares cannot be converted into debentures whereas debentures can be converted into shares if the terms of issue so provide, and in that case these are known as convertible debentures.Local authorities provide land and funds for setting up the services, whereas maintenance costs are sometimes financed through user charges (for example, Re 1 is charged for use of the latrines in the cities).Whereas in written down value method, the basis of charging depreciation is net book value (i.e., original cost less depreciation till date) of the asset, in the beginning of the year.Shareholders enjoy voting rights whereas debentureholders do not normally enjoy any voting right.

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