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Lencho was an ox of a man, working like an animal in the fields, but still he knew how to write.For example, two software professionals, Danny in Silicon alley, California and Smitha in Bangalore are working on a joint project.The methology of working out the net cash flow (or use) from all the three activities for an accounting period has been explained in details and a brief format of Cash Flow Statement has also been given in Figureure However, while preparing a cash flow statement, full details of inflows and outflows are given under head including the net cash flow (or use) arise there from.' 'In those days, the shift was 10 hours – from 5 pm to 3 am – terrible working hours.Those of the working age are the economically active.For example, changes in government's economic policies, rapid technological developments, political uncertainty, changes in fashions and tastes of consumers and increased competition in the market — all influence the working of a business enterprise in important ways.Increasing the incomes of people working in agriculture is therefore necessary to combat the problem of hunger.However, Part of Schedule I of the Act gives detailed requirements as to the profit and loss account and clearly states that it “shall be made out as clearly to disclose the result the working of the company during the period covered by the account, and shall disclose every material feature.This unit discusses the role of the government in providing public facilities as well as in implementing laws that apply to market, factory and the working conditions of people.You may encourage the students to talk to various working people around them (such as shop owners, casual workers, vegetable vendors, workshop mechanics, domestic workers etc.Those working in urban municipalities earn Rs 30-40 per day and those working privately are paid much less.Popular dissatisfaction and criticism has focussed on four problem areas in the working of political parties.Business enterprises in India do realise the importance and impact of the economic environment on their working.However, rapid construction led to poor working conditions.For example, psychologists working in clinical settings need to be trained in various techniques of therapeutic interventions, psychological assessment, and counselling.

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