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The other way is to use modern farming methods for higher yield.Ensuring that the crops get water at the right stages during their growing season can increase the expected yields of any crop.Excise taxes are the single largest revenue earner contributing 3 7 per cent of total tax revenue in 2003-0 Other direct taxes like wealth tax, gift tax and estate duty (now abolished) have never been of much significance in terms of revenue yield and have thus been referred to as 'paper taxes'.Trade deficits need not be alarming if the country invests the borrowed funds yielding a rate of growth higher than the interest rate.In such cases, the country's capital stock will not rise rapidly enough to yield enough growth (called the 'growth dividend') it needs to repay its debt.This implies maximum yield of products at mild temperature and pressure conditions.Machines produced in an economy in a given year are not 'used up' to produce other goods but yield their services over a number of years.They do not have any stake in ensuring that one particular area should yield on optimal amount of some produce for all generations to come.There is a correlation between higher inputs and yields.Till the mid- 1960s, the seeds used in cultivation were traditional ones with relatively low yields.mellifera, has also been brought in to increase yield of honey.Cultivation practices and crop yield are related to weather, soil quality and availability of water.The main characteristic of this type of farming is the use of higher doses of modern inputs, e.g. high yielding variety (HY ) seeds, chemical fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides in order to obtain higher productivity.A child, too, with investments made on her education and health, can yield a high return in the future in the form of higher earnings and greater contribution to society.They are allowed to grow in carbon dioxide enriched atmosphere that leads to higher yields.

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