Young example sentences

“Why not organise yourselves into a cooperative?” I ask a group of young men who have fallen into the vicious circle of middlemen who trapped their fathers and forefathers.A slight girl, looking younger than her seventeen years, was nervous yet excited as she felt the vibrations of the approaching train.Emile Zola's Germinal (1885) on the life of a young miner in France explores in harsh detail the grim conditions of miners' lives.Older children, often as young as five years old, took over this responsibility.A young boy dressed in a grey uniform, wearing socks and shoes, arrived panting and threw his school bag on a folding bed.As a young boy he would go to school past an old temple, where his father was a priest.He turned away sadly from the wrinkled shrewdness of that unpleasant face, and gazed up the valley, where the Stone Face seemed to say: He will come! Fear not, Ernest; the man will come! The years went on, and Ernest grew to be a young man.Spirals of bangles — sunny gold, paddy green, royal blue, pink, purple, every colour born out of the seven colours of the rainbow — lie in mounds in unkempt yards, are piled on four-wheeled handcarts, pushed by young men along the narrow lanes of the shanty town.Young boys like the son of the priest now wore shoes.''My name is Edla Willmansson,'' said the young girl.Devadas, Gandhi's youngest son, arrived from the ashram and so did Mrs.Skilled, spirited and hopeful young people endowed with a positive outlook are the future of any nation.” The young girl took the stranger by the hand and led him up to the table.Think of a child who loses her/his parents at a young age with no one to take care of her/him; a young woman who loses her husband in a car accident; parents who bring up children who are physically or mentally challenged; young girls/boys who have to spend long nights in call centres and then catch up on their sleep during the day time.Their families are very numerous, seven to eight young men in each being common.

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