Youth example sentences

The chieftain was a benevolent old man; his attendant … a youth who … spoke Russian … He had heard of the Revolution, which had overthrown the Tsar and driven away the Generals who conquered the homeland of the Kirgiz.In this manner, from a happy yet often pensive child he grew up to be a mild and quiet youth.The whole mountain system of Himalaya represents a very youthful topography with high peaks, deep valleys and fast flowing rivers.our Shudra, Muslim and Parsi youth that unless we put away all quarrelling amongst ourselves about the divisions between high and low in our country and come together, our .“Long Live the Revolution” shouted the Kirgiz youth who seemed to be a born Bolshevik.His handsome, youthful face is what the widows and orphaned children of his village seek out most in their darkest hour of grief.Many youth with matriculation, graduation and post graduation degrees are not able to find job.She toured the United Kingdom with a youth orchestra and by the time she was sixteen, she had decided to make music her life.He organised a group of youths and elders to jointly pressurise the merchant once again to part with his rice.The youth task force gathered empty utensils from the shelter.There is a feeling of hopelessness and despair among the youth.It also has educated English speaking youth who can provide customer care services.Prime Minister Rozgar Yozana (PMRY) is another scheme which was started in 199 The aim of the programme is to create self-employment opportunities for educated unemployed youth in rural areas and small towns.His next task was to organise a team of youth volunteers to clean the shelter of filth, urine, vomit and floating carcasses, and to tend to the wounds and fractures of the many who had been injured.For instance, rapid increase in depressive tendencies and suicidal rates among adolescents is one such area, where psychological knowledge dedicated to the issues of adolescent development is utilised for getting a clearer understanding of the occurrence of these phenomena, and certain intervention models are developed to assist the youth experiencing such problems early in their lives.

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