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They too spent their winter in the low hills of Siwalik range, grazing their flocks in scrub forests.Subsequently, the best grazing lands were gradually taken over for white settlement and the Maasai were pushed into a small area in south Kenya and north Tanzania.For any pure substance at atmospheric pressure, the temperature at which the solid and liquid phases are at equilibrium is called the normal melting point or normal freezing point of the substance.In most areas the lands taken over were actually grazing tracts used regularly by pastoralists.On their way, they met Tibu, a young boy of their age group, of nearby village, who was taking cattle for grazing along with his aunt.They were cut off from the best grazing lands and forced to live within a semi-arid tract prone to frequent droughts.One of the problems the Maasais have faced is the continuous loss of their grazing lands.Before the war, Lin wrote a strong letter to Queen ictoria criticizing the trade in opium.In states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra overgrazing is one of the main reasons for land degradation.Women are by nature of inferior understanding, without resolution, unworthy of trust … Many of them, on the death of their husbands, become desirous of accompanying them; but to remove every chance of their trying to escape from the blazing fire, in burning them we first tie them down to the pile.Sometimes, this balance is disturbed due to human activities like deforestation, over-grazing, construction and mining etc.The colonial officials believed that grazing destroyed the saplings and young shoots of trees that germinated on the forest floor.He became an eager astronomer, too, sometimes star-gazing all night.Afforestation and proper management of grazing can help to some extent.While the boy was still gazing up the valley one day and imagining that the Great Stone Face returned his gaze, the noise of wheels was heard, and a crowd of people cried.

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