Fade away meaning in hindi | Fade away ka matlab 

Fade away meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fade away 
Fade away ki paribhasha : praaniyon ya vanaspitiyon ke sharir men aisa vikaar hona jisase unaki sab shaaririk kriyaaen bnd ha jaayan

Fade away synonyms
end pass stop expire fall fail deteriorate bate crumble degenerate rot weaken decline droop decay subside molder rankle fade moderate halt sink abate slacken wilt lapse recede retrograde let up peter out run down run out dilapidate break down ease off fade out fizzle out go bad go downhill lose power melt away run low wear away lower dwindle lessen reduce temper decrease curtail shrink cut abbreviate taper retrench attenuate contract drain close shrivel extenuate depreciate minify become smaller die out depart retire escape dissipate perish flee retreat fly leave withdraw abandon dissolve vamoose abscond clear vacate exit disperse decamp pass away dematerialize be done for be gone be lost be no more be swallowed up cease to exist come to naught drop out of sight end gradually evanish go south leave no trace take flight break up decompose disband dismantle splinter shatter wither sever descend deliquesce pulverize disconnect divide worsen atomize separate disorganize taint turn spoil disunite putrefy detach wash out come apart break apart disimprove fall to pieces take apart turn to dust wash away fall back relent flag languish go out retrocede fall away die down flow back vaporize dehydrate dispel parch concentrate desiccate dehumidify become invisible go away atrophy taper off die away draw to a close fall short slack off waste away wind down boil away
Fade away antonyms
commence increase grow improve enhance enlarge prolong begin start bear advance reach win appear arrive rise build develop flourish strengthen continue forge forward extend be born live amplify lengthen compliment praise expand flatter wait remain coagulate solidify come in enter stay fight face meet keep combine put together unite mend connect couple link meld join fix attach collect gather ascend flow moisten wet soak dampen brighten go up accumulate garner 
Usage of Fade away in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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