Fair minded meaning in hindi | Fair minded ka matlab 

Fair minded meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fair minded 
Fair minded synonyms
open-minded honest unbiased balanced equal equitable fair and square nondiscriminatory disinterested dispassionate candid objective detached nonpartisan impersonal middle-of-the-road nondiscriminating on-the-fence unbigoted uncolored unslanted without favor aloof blameless conscientious decent dependable due ethical good honorable lawful pure reliable right righteous rightful rigid scrupulous strict tried trustworthy upright virtuous true condign uncommitted inactive undecided indifferent calm cool clinical collected disengaged easy inert nonchalant on the fence unconcerned pacifistic relaxed noncombatant bystanding middle-of-road nonbelligerent nonparticipating on sidelines poker-faced unaligned levelheaded sensible wise normal healthy lucid logical rational sober prudent intelligent commonsensical compos mentis discerning fit judicious moderate right-minded sagacious sage sapient self-possessed sound steady together well all there both oars in water having all marbles of sound mind oriented playing with full deck in one's right mind even-handed liberal straight uninfluenced neuter
Fair minded antonyms
biased prejudiced interested subjective unfair discriminating unjust involved passionate partial favoring inequitable inaccurate unjustified inappropriate unsuitable unsuited imprecise wrong unfitting excited agitated predisposed concerned decided committal bright loud strong unrealistic unwise foolish stupid unintelligent irrational insane unsound unstable unreasonable unbalanced crazy working active caring 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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