Fall away meaning in hindi | Fall away ka matlab 

Fall away meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fall away 
Fall away ki paribhasha : kisi pakadi hui vastu ko prathak karana

Fall away synonyms
decline consume reduce decrease narrow shrink weaken abbreviate wane dwindle abridge purse subside waste shrivel tighten epitomize compress lessen evaporate deflate abate clench curtail wrinkle confine edit omit recede wither constrict fall off take in syncopate become smaller draw in grow less slacken diminish slide slip slump degenerate peter out melt fall back deteriorate retire decay relent flag sink withdraw moderate retreat languish go out let up retrocede die out ease off die down fade away flow back revert retrogress relapse backslide go back roll back throw back turn back defer suspend pardon soften cancel modulate reprieve delay desist condone forbear halt relax modify forgive stay excuse respite repeal exonerate rescind mitigate absolve alleviate shelve release amnesty hold up put off intermit prorogue ease up hold off wilt dip swag flop flap bulge lean curve bow bag settle bend fail dangle hang cave in give way hang down fall farther behind run out of gas
Fall away antonyms
increase grow enlarge amplify lengthen loosen release prolong dilate stretch expand raise strengthen develop extend rise save add open free let go blow up spread break off disagree give tighten go up receive take away awake improve ascend flow forge forward build flourish advance progress condemn punish worry permit blame censure accuse intensify incriminate sentence incite continue irritate allow approve leave alone carry on charge magnify aggravate hold keep encourage accomplish achieve straighten bulge draw up succeed reach win 
Usage of Fall away in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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