Fee meaning in hindi | Fee ka matlab 

Fee meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fee 
Usage of Fee: 1: The parking fee can be paid through parking meter. 2: Please subtract the cost of the meal from my fee . 3: When Wild solicited for a finder's fee 4: He subsequently went to Serie A and SSC Napoli for another record fee 5: The processing fee for all petitioners is $435 CAD 6: A daily fee is levied that goes towards research of the Great Barrier Reef. 7: The fee is normally $3,750 for 10-15 plunges 8: This fee ends up being 20% of the GBRMPA's income. 9: A fee espalmé ship
Fee ki paribhasha : daayaje, daan aadi men diya jaanevaala dhan esi bhoomi jo raajaa, baadashaaha, navaab aadi kisi ko pradaan karate hain kisi sthaavar sthaavar snpatti visheshata: bhoomi ke upayog ka adhikaarapatr jo svaami ki or se aasaami, kiraayedaar ya thekedaar ko diya jaay vah mahasool jo ghaaton aur raaston aadi par raajy ki or se vasool kiya jaata hai

Fee synonyms
salary wage account cut pay price bill share stipend commission compensation cost expense payment reward gravy slice handle house chunk hire honorarium take-in juice emolument recompense toll ante consideration percentage piece bite remuneration rake-off piece of the action
Fee antonyms
penalty whole debt 
Usage of Fee in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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