Freakishness meaning in hindi | Freakishness ka matlab 

Freakishness meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Freakishness 
Freakishness synonyms
idiosyncrasy foible abnormality strangeness nonconformity aberration kink irregularity caprice anomaly weirdness oddness queerness unconventionality whimsicality capriciousness outlandishness hereticism idiocrasy unorthodoxness waywardness whimsicalness monster hideousness horror deformity eyesore mutant mutation enormity atrocity heinousness dreadfulness frightfulness grotesqueness phenomenon characteristic incongruity rarity curiosity freak unnaturalness extraordinariness bizarreness conversation piece distinctiveness trait particularity savor attribute slant feature specialty twist mark mannerism affectation property quality gimmick unusualness schtick odd trait
Freakishness antonyms
sameness normalcy usualness regularity commonality normality standard conformity dullness uniformity regularness beauty convention habit simplicity 
Usage of Freakishness in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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