Gang meaning in hindi | Gang ka matlab 

Gang meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Gang 
Usage of Gang: 1: The police caught the gang that smuggled detonators. 2: A gang of ruffians enterted his house. 3: Max fronted for a gang of thieves . 4: The police detectives went after the whole gang . 5: Lefty wiped out Max's gang . 6: It took a year for McGowan and the gang to fully adjust to talking pictures 7: Wally Albright and Jackie Lynn Taylor joined the gang 8: "brought him into her own gang 9: He ran a gang of thieves 10: Wild's ability to hold his gang together
Gang ki paribhasha : haaki, phutabaal aadi khelon men vah sthaan jahaaan gend pahuancha dene se virodhi paksh ki jit ho jaati hai kisi vastu ke un do sam khndon men se eka, jo ek doosare se svabhaavataः jude hue hon par jara sa dabaab padne se alag ho jaayan ek jaati ka baaans jo poorviy himaalaya, sikkim aur aasaam ki or hota hai

Gang synonyms
clan tribe company clique crew band squad troop party syndicate organization ring team bunch horde coterie crowd club shift posse knot herd cluster set lot troupe circle outfit zoo assemblage pack workers combo
Gang antonyms
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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