Gel meaning in hindi | Gel ka matlab 

Gel meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Gel 
Usage of Gel: 1: The known areas include: inside the mucus gel layer 2: As the gel polymerises
Gel ki paribhasha : ek desh tatha vahaaan ke nivaasiyon ka naam mahaabhaarat vah ghaas jo pahali varsha ke uparaant kheton men ugati hai

Gel synonyms
materialize ensue develop shake action break go chance cook follow smoke hap betide happen occur supervene come down come off fall out go down bechance come to pass cook up a storm cook with gas curdle jelly lump coalesce solidify lopper clabber jellify gelate glop up consolidate concrete dry condense harden compact concentrate indurate refrigerate freeze cake gelatinate glob up finalize form cohere stick crystallize come together take shape fix become firm strengthen reinforce stabilize prop petrify ossify tauten precipitate inflate anneal brace cement tense chill benumb steady candy starch swell enlarge widen buttress add deepen expand grow thick arise eventuate result come about turn up take place
Gel antonyms
stop stay thin melt loose disperse liquefy soften enlarge dilute divide separate dissolve open unclot heat liquify loosen displace remove liquidate ascend dissuade hinder go up rise discourage finish halt weaken unfix abridge decrease lessen subtract water down diminish lower reduce shrink cause compress contract 
Usage of Gel in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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