Hairy meaning in hindi | Hairy ka matlab 

Hairy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hairy 
Usage of Hairy: 1: Jacob was a hairy man 2: The fruit is a hairy pod that grows in clusters of 3–5 3: Apple rose hips, hairy outgrowth occurred also on the branches of wild rose, by the bite of an insect 4: Botany Shrub with white flowers and hairy leaves, whose branches are very flexible and bears berries gathered in clusters 5: By analogy, hairy Comet, Comet whose round bright nucleus and appears surrounded by a halo of light diffuse, the common opinion likened to a hair 6: By extension, hairy Gaul, name given by the Romans to the part of Gaul whose inhabitants wore long hair 7: Ear-de-mouse or Myosotis, small plant with blue flowers and sometimes white, including a species, hairy leaves, grows at the edge of the water and in moist places 8: For analogy, in terms of Botany, hairy Seed, Seed, which carries a tuft of long hair untied 9: It also tells of the Party hairy cloth and other fabrics, such as velvet, failure, etc 10: It is hairy as a bear
Hairy ki paribhasha : chaaron taraph bikhare aur ghoome hue bade bade baalonvaala

Hairy synonyms
furry shaggy woolly fuzzy hirsute bearded bristly bushy downy fleecy flocculent fluffy rough tufted pilose unshaven bewhiskered lanate pileous piliferous pubescent stubbly unshorn villous scary chancy difficult hazardous perilous risky treacherous uncertain unhealthy unsound wicked jeopardous
Hairy antonyms
hairless smooth bald clean calm safe balding 
Usage of Hairy in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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