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Handle meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Handle 
Usage of Handle: 1: Do not handle the book roughly. 2: There were four notches in the handle of his revolver. 3: He broke the handle with a violent twist. 4: You have to handle the students with kid gloves 5: The handle of my bag has come loose. 6: I made him my business partner so as to handle it properly. 7: Let me try to get a handle on this . 8: I think I can handle all of this with no trouble . 9: John was more than Sally could handle . 10: I know that Alice can handle the job .
Handle ki paribhasha : kisi aujaar aadi ka vah hissa jo haath se pakad jaata hai gati ki praanrabhik avastha kisi bhaari aujaar ka vah bhaag jo haath se pakad jaata ho vah shabd jisase kisi vastu, vyakti ya samooh ka bodh ho vah jisake snyog se koi vastu or ki aur athava kisi vishesh roop men dikhaayi de kisi vastu tak pahuanchakar usake kisi ang ko apane kisi ang se sataana ya lagaana uangaliyon ko modkar baaandhi hui hatheli is prakaar thaame rahana ki chhootane ya bhaagane na paave

Handle synonyms
knob shaft stem holder ear crank grasp bail arm stock handgrip hilt helve tiller byword appellation moniker designation title cognomen style denomination sobriquet byname try test examine check fondle poke paw feel palpate finger maul manipulate pick up thumb control administer use work supervise serve play utilize employ treat conduct govern operate discuss exercise maneuver dispense wield direct ply exploit command steer swing bestow apply advise dominate guide hack it make out deal with behave toward call the signals cope with cut the mustard get a handle on make the grade run things sell offer retail trade market deal in traffic in
Handle antonyms
release manhandle disregard misuse leave alone mismanage neglect not carry refuse abstain ignore mislead let go receive misguide follow 
Usage of Handle in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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