Hard boiled meaning in hindi | Hard boiled ka matlab 

Hard boiled meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hard boiled 
Usage of Hard boiled: 1: In the hard boiled film noir crime thrillers

Hard boiled synonyms
firm headstrong inflexible obstinate rough unbending unfeeling hard as nails hard-shelled haughty standoffish unsympathetic distant detached indifferent unresponsive above apart casual chilly cool forbidding lone wolf loner reserved secluded solitary supercilious thick-skinned unapproachable unconcerned unfriendly uninterested unsociable uppity withdrawn incurious cold fish hard-hearted laid back on ice putting on airs stuck up careless apathetic uncaring impassive impenitent insensate insensible soulless spiritless stiff stubborn torpid hard-bitten insentient uncompassionate unimpressionable unsusceptible indurated toughened inured blind to case-hardened deaf to barbarous ruthless inhuman brutal merciless dispassionate imperturbable pitiless relentless savage unmoved steely stony-hearted folksy simple funky homey down-to-earth bawdy coarse crude dull easygoing homely indelicate lusty mundane ribald robust uninhibited unrefined down home home folk lowbred unidealistic bleak painful grim acrimonious angry antagonistic austere bitter dark disagreeable distressing dour exacting grievous hostile inclement intemperate intolerable perverse rigorous rugged severe stringent unjust unkind unpleasant unrelenting unsparing vengeful rancorous resentful seasoned prepared benumbed accustomed habituated contemptuous cruel disdainful impenetrable impious inaccessible irreverent obtuse resistant coldhearted steeled hard-as-nails unashamed unrepenting unsubmissive intolerant brutish militant staunch uncompromising hard-core unyielding adamant stand pat steadfast ungiving astute bullheaded intractable levelheaded mulish pertinacious pigheaded rational resolute shrewd willful locked in tough-nut unsentimental punitive sharp discourteous gruff hairy mean uncivil ungracious wicked comfortless cussed cold-hearted crass bloodless tactless feelingless imperceptive unvarnished deadpan stoic factual calm dry emotionless feasible flat impersonal lifeless naked objective phlegmatic plain prosaic serious stolid unimaginative prosy unimpassioned dogged fixed immovable implacable inexorable iron rigid uncooperative unshakable hanging tough set in stone stiff-necked tough nut to crack unimpressible efficient businesslike functional sane practicable reasonable workable constructive possible applied empirical experimental handy implicit nuts and bolts orderly serviceable solid sound systematic usable utilitarian virtual working commonsensical both feet on the ground doable in action in operation utile workaday logical prudent commonsense unfantastic no-nonsense solemn staid serene lucid earnest low-key restrained subdued somber quiet sedate composed steady collected constrained grave drab pacific soft unruffled disciplined abstaining forgoing abnegating eschewing clear-headed toned down unexcited flinty astringent ascetic disciplinary dyed-in-the-wool frowning by the book hang-tough mortified frigid expressionless blank unforgiving scrupulous draconian oppressive picky prudish punctilious puritanical square straight strait-laced stuffy uptight dead set iron-fisted stickling unpermissive terrible desperate fierce narrow refractory arbitrary confirmed drastic ferocious immutable pugnacious taut unalterable uncontrollable unmanageable vicious violent ruffianly impervious untouched laid-back proof unstirred unimpressed unaltered easy-going not influenced uninfluenced reticent blah glacial listless marble undemonstrative along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches unexcitable hang tough level-headed tough-minded stubborn as a mule impassible lifelike truthful
Hard boiled antonyms
friendly kind compassionate interested sociable warm sympathetic concerned mindful responsive merciful caring feeling nice sensitive tender gentle giving demonstrative warm-blooded cultured elegant refined sophisticated pleasant cheerful malleable pliable facile disputable inexact questionable uncertain untrue bright sunny easy flexible pliant soft yielding mild simple doubtful softhearted tolerant irresolute laid-back easy-going considerate wonderful peaceful pleasing courteous polite calm agreeable good bland smooth warmhearted impressionable aware touched sensate excited emotional imaginative lively unreasonable submissive susceptible amenable irrational unrealistic unsound inefficient impractical unfeasible unlikely useless worthless incapable inexperienced unseasoned unskilled impossible unattainable unworkable unserviceable unproficient untrained idealistic unwise fanciful insincere excitable frivolous nervous upset agitated flippant trivial unimportant boisterous annoyed worried drunk inebriated immoderate funny light troubled happy unserious lenient smiling tractable inaccurate indefinite supple fragile unstable vulnerable wobbly controllable delicate weak unnatural affected changed moved stupid sentimental 
Usage of Hard boiled in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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