Hatch meaning in hindi | Hatch ka matlab 

Hatch meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hatch 
Usage of Hatch: 1: Tick eggs hatch into larvae 2: After krill hatch from the egg 3: These species generally hatch in the nauplius 1 stage 4: A hen can hatch no more than 15-23 eggs 5: This device is mounted on the turret roof in front of the Loader's hatch 6: Kakapo eggs usually hatch within 30 days 7: The young hatch after 22–27 days and fledge after 21–24 days. 8: The cysts will hatch at 2 to 3% salinity 9: Eggs hatch and continue life as tadpoles . 10: At the time of their meeting, the four men did not know about the hatch issue.
Hatch ki paribhasha : vah jhilli ya thaili jisamen garbh se nikale hue bachche ya ande rahate hain kisi ko aaraam dena ya usaka kaam karana kisi prakaar ka nirnay karake parinaam nikaalane ya bhavitavy ko jaanane ke liye buddhi ka upayog karana naav ya jahaaj ki paatan men vah daravaaja jisamen se hokar niche se log oopar jaate aur oopar se niche utarate hain ghar men aane jaane ke liye divaar men khula hua sthaan

Hatch synonyms
spawn come up with originate concoct formulate devise conceive breed invent dream up incubate set sire contrive procreate design provoke plot brood engender prepare make scheme cause brainstorm parent bear produce induce generate project occasion cook up get up make up whip up work up spitball bring forth give birth lay eggs think up throw together trump up
Hatch antonyms
destroy dissuade hinder disorganize ruin prevent refuse discourage end finish halt stop kill neglect 
Usage of Hatch in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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