High class meaning in hindi | High class ka matlab 

High class meaning in hindi

How to pronounce High class 
High class synonyms
deluxe best choice elite supreme upper-class upper-crust elegant fashionable chic dashing exclusive in vogue mod modish select sharp swanky tony uptown educated erudite knowledgeable literate polite sophisticated accomplished civilized genteel cultivated enlightened urbane intelligent refined tolerant polished versed informed traveled lettered understanding advanced aesthetic appreciative au courant chivalrous courteous gallant highbrow intellectual liberal literary mannerly savant scholarly sensitive tasteful up-to-date well-informed blue-stocking distingue aristocratic noble royal grand blue-blooded gentle highborn wellborn opulent luxury trendy ritzy smart swish la-di-da full fertile splendid lush valuable plentiful expensive gorgeous swell fancy plush abounding ample copious costly elaborate exquisite extravagant exuberant fecund fruitful lavish luxurious magnificent ornate palatial precious priceless productive prolific resplendent snazzy sumptuous superb plenteous embellished well-endowed beautiful chichi dandy dapper jazzy showy sleek slick snappy stunning a la mode dressed to kill in fashion upscale voguish dressy nifty new fly groovy latest modernistic ostentatious pretentious rakish sassy dressed to the teeth in the mainstream first-rate remarkable exceptional admirable good superhuman preferable major premium expert over primary above capital senior distinguished famous first-class noteworthy paramount predominant preferred prevailing high-caliber a cut above exceeding finer first-string five-star good quality grander more advanced more skillful of higher rank overlying superincumbent surpassing unrivalled
High class antonyms
inferior old-fashioned inelegant unfashionable plain unstylish ignorant stupid uncultured uneducated unsophisticated uninformed uncivilized inexperienced rude unrefined common lower-class destitute poor useless depleted impoverished needy barren ugly bad bland tasteless weak serious dowdy unintelligent worn unpolished rough dull ungroomed unremarkable usual detestable minor unimportant meek normal ordinary secondary below humble low-class 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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