Hypnosis meaning in hindi | Hypnosis ka matlab 

Hypnosis meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hypnosis 
Usage of Hypnosis: 1: Because hypnosis is so fundamental 2: Freud later turned away from hypnosis as a potential cure 3: Falling in hypnosis 4: It also said the Provocation hypnosis made by various methods 5: Medicine Together phenomena classified under hypnosis name 6: This topic is in the hypnosis
Hypnosis ki paribhasha : ek prakaar ka chhnd jisake pratyek charan men ek tagan aur ek guru hota hai praachin kaal ka ek prakaar ka astr jisase shatru ko mohit kar lete the

Hypnosis synonyms
coma trance slumber inertness lethargy sleep languor anesthesia swoon stupefaction torpor insensibility hebetude amazement inertia bewilderment numbness dullness apathy lassitude suspended animation narcosis sopor somnolence petrifaction asphyxia fainting swooning fascination suggestion mesmerism hypnotherapy autohypnosis deep sleep hypnonanalysis spell-casting opiate shot dope gas soporific analgesic anodyne inhalant spinal general anesthetic local anesthetic pain-killer
Hypnosis antonyms
consciousness sensibility wakefulness activity life liveliness interest stimulant analeptic 
Usage of Hypnosis in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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