Ill advised meaning in hindi | Ill advised ka matlab 

Ill advised meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ill advised 
Usage of Ill advised: 1: He was ill advised to tell his manager.

Ill advised synonyms
foolhardy indiscreet inappropriate half-baked misguided confused hotheaded inconsiderate inexpedient injudicious unseemly ill-judged overhasty off the top of one's head impetuous bold cocky cheeky audacious cocksure effervescent flip forward headlong heedless impertinent impudent insolent maladroit nervy presuming presumptuous pushing self-assertive tactless uppity vivacious brazenfaced undiplomatic untactful self-asserting insane crazy irrational fantastic ludicrous unreasonable preposterous ridiculous silly absurd asinine brainless daffy daft dotty fatuous feebleminded half-witted harebrained jerky loony lunatic nutty senseless simple unintelligent wacky weak zany doltish kooky cockamamy nerdy rapid careless hurried impulsive urgent sudden abrupt quick expeditious swift agile breakneck brief brisk cursory eager fast fiery fleet fleeting impatient on the double passing perfunctory prompt pronto rushed slapdash snappy superficial quickie pdq chop-chop harefooted quickened slambang untimely incorrect unwarranted inadmissible inaccurate irregular erroneous awkward abnormal bad form discordant discrepant ill-timed inapplicable inapt incongruous inharmonious inopportune malapropos odd uncalled-for undue unfit unseasonable unsuitable unsuited infelicitous uncomely false at odds inapposite off-base out-of-place out-of-season unfitting irresponsible improvident temerarious unthinking leaving self wide open off the deep end playing with fire unadvisable inconvenient pointless undesirable unsensible devil-may-care neglectful negligent regardless unguarded unmindful any old way caught napping fast-and-loose foot-in-mouth off guard pay no mind unalert unvigilant unwatchful sticking one's neck out wild frivolous lively misled untrue faulty unfounded illogical deluded confounded misunderstanding fooled deceived at fault fallacious off base unreal unsound tricked misconstrued misjudging duped misinformed misinterpreting all wet barking up wrong tree confused with off track under wrong impression way off wide of mark wrong number wrongly identified idiotic dumb dopey dense inane mindless nonsensical dimwitted frantic harum-scarum jump the gun refractory rushing uncontrolled unexpected unforeseen violent willful plunging gone off half-cocked off the hip off the top of head subitaneous unanticipated without warning daring immature adventurous determined frenzied furious headstrong passionate premature venturesome insuppressible jumping to conclusions carefree any which way daredevil desperate fast and loose feckless helter-skelter hopeless inattentive adventuresome overventuresome uncareful distressing dreadful grievous calamitous lamentable disappointing heartbreaking shameful dire sad deplorable pitiful unhappy woeful afflictive pitiable impractical myopic nearsighted blind astigmatic imperceptive unsagacious irrelevant naive futile laughable trivial dull dummy loser dazed deficient gullible insensate meaningless obtuse puerile simpleminded slow sluggish stolid stupefied out to lunch thick-headed bovine empty-headed flighty inadvertent incomprehensible inept remiss unheeding vacuous irreflective lamebrained undiscerning unreasoning unreflective ignorant in the dark unaware uninformed unknowing unsuspecting hot-headed unwarned troublesome ominous hostile objectionable negative antagonistic adverse unfriendly disadvantageous destructive damaging contrary inauspicious inimical late opposed poor tardy threatening unfortunate unlucky unpropitious untoward discommodious unpromising credulous unprepared uncircumspect unsuspicious childish birdbrained funny unacceptable amiss misplaced disproportionate gauche indecorous off-balance rotten unbecoming unconventional unsatisfactory unfitted not done near-sighted unearthly cockamamie blockheaded hebetudinous thickheaded out of place immodest indecent indelicate naughty out of line
Ill advised antonyms
careful cautious discreet wise prudent sensible well-advised thoughtful reasonable timid shy afraid fearful reserved rational sane logical circumspect balanced sound realistic responsible smart plain practical serious unfoolish leisurely kind sluggish delayed lazy lingering slow loitering politic acceptable appropriate valid honest ok suitable fitting moral correct right true accurate proper decent formal good uncorrupt mindful attentive advisable recommended substantiated exact fair just precise brainy intelligent considerate reflective cowardly meek planned wary comforting pleasant pleasing wonderful fortunate joyous lucky satisfactory cheerful happy blessed longsighted cognizant bright sharp unselfish observant thinking heeding helpful auspicious friendly advantageous nice propitious agreeable favorable positive aiding sagacious mature 
Usage of Ill advised in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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