In the picture meaning in hindi | In the picture ka matlab 

In the picture meaning in hindi

How to pronounce In the picture 
Usage of In the picture: 1: Of the six men depicted in the picture

In the picture synonyms
wise mindful conscious apprehensive receptive informed alive appreciative awake familiar attentive acquainted alert au courant cool groovy heedful hip into know-how knowing perceptive savvy sensible sentient sharp with it appraised apprised go-go grounded in the know know the score latched on on the beam on to plugged in tuned in up on wise to wised up know what's what observant knowledgeable judicious conversant hip to versed down with hep to in on witting open-minded literate sophisticated civilized reasonable liberal instructed cultivated learned refined broad-minded knowing what's what
In the picture antonyms
ignorant heedless inattentive unaware unfriendly uninformed neglectful unconscious unknowledgeable unfamiliar insensitive indifferent senseless unwitting thoughtless unmindful stupid confounded misled uneducated unenlightened confused in the dark perplexed 
Usage of In the picture in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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