Injustice meaning in hindi | Injustice ka matlab 

Injustice meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Injustice 
Usage of Injustice: 1: We should not do injustice to anyone.. 2: The injustice rankled her 3: Perceived injustice calls for Badal, swift revenge. 4: Shakur attacked social injustice 5: The contradictory themes of social inequality and injustice 6: A glaring injustice 7: abhor injustice 8: And he said to the One who governs with injustice and without any regard for human and divine laws 9: Dissatisfaction, disgust leaves behind a disappointment, an misfortune, injustice 10: Do not make me the injustice to believe that I you have forgotten
Injustice ki paribhasha : paas ke dravy aadi men truti ya kami anyaay aur atyaachaarapoorn byava- haar

Injustice synonyms
inequity wrongdoing violation discrimination oppression abuse crime infringement inequality prejudice malpractice outrage unfairness breach transgression maltreatment grievance malfeasance mischief negligence favoritism sellout iniquity infraction ruin encroachment damage partiality trespass miscarriage offense railroad unjustness unlawfulness partisanship villainy crying shame dirty deal onesidedness
Injustice antonyms
good deed obedience fairness delight happiness joy impartiality equality ethics lawfulness morality tolerance cheer respect kindness right justice equity 
Usage of Injustice in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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