Interested meaning in hindi | Interested ka matlab 

Interested meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Interested 
Usage of Interested: 1: an interested audience 2: Pornographers are only interested in making maoney. 3: He is interested in doing all the things. 4: He is interested in playing solitaire. 5: Tantrik yogis are interested in ghouls. 6: Im interested in academia. 7: He is interested in playing snakes and ladders. 8: I'm not interested in your games . 9: "Mogambo had three things that interested me. 10: Around this time, Jinnah also became interested in politics.
Interested ki paribhasha : bina uchit anuchit ke vichaar ke kisi ke anukool pravratt honevaala doosaron ka bhala ya kalyaan chaahanevaala kaamashaastr ke anusaar ek prakaar ka aalingan jisamen naayika naayak ke saamane usake ghutane par baithakar use gale se lagaate hai

Interested synonyms
sympathetic obsessed keen involved engrossed responsive absorbed implicated attentive excited gone fired moved predisposed open impressed occupied fascinated hooked stimulated touched taken drawn struck biased affected sold prejudiced inspired caught intent into partial partisan attracted enticed inspirited stirred lured roused awakened eat sleep and breathe on the case
Interested antonyms
uncaring unconcerned indifferent uninterested ignorant bored disinterested inattentive ok impartial unbiased apathetic unenthusiastic unmoved fair incurious 
Usage of Interested in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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