Invertebrate meaning in hindi | Invertebrate ka matlab 

Invertebrate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Invertebrate 
Usage of Invertebrate: 1: While the full extent of invertebrate diversity is uncertain 2: Introduced invertebrate pests include the Asian mussel 3: Krill are a type of shellfish and shrimp-like marine invertebrate animals. 4: Other invertebrate groups 5: It employs as masculine name for Animal invertebrate radiated shape, soft-bodied or covered with a hard test and limestone 6: of Natural history of invertebrate symmetrical radiated Sorte, zoophytes, also known as sea stars, because they have the body divided into five lobes mimicking the rays of a star

Invertebrate synonyms
pet beast creature stray being brute mutt bum vertebrate varmint critter living thing wild thing wimp poltroon yellow pessimist chicken mouse alarmist cur dastard shirker sneak recreant rabbit baby funk malingerer deserter quitter craven caitiff gutless jellyfish skulker chicken heart chicken liver faint-of-heart faintheart fraidy-cat lily liver scaredy cat white liver yellow belly abortive barren bootless feckless feeble fruitless futile idle impotent inadequate incompetent indecisive inefficient inept inferior innocuous inoperative lame limited nugatory null null and void paltry powerless unable unavailing unfruitful unproductive unprofitable unsuccessful vain withered worthless anticlimactic defeasible forceless neutralized fearful frightened irresolute lily-livered nerveless soft spiritless squeamish submissive timid vacillating weak-willed amoebalike faint-hearted pithless weak-kneed yellow-bellied misfit crybaby pushover cream puff dotard gutless wonder hothouse plant meek soul softy weak soul useless
Invertebrate antonyms
mineral plant aggressor hero competent effectual efficient powerful useful effective strong brave bold strongman 
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The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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