Keep down meaning in hindi | Keep down ka matlab 

Keep down meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Keep down 
Keep down ki paribhasha : aisi sthiti men hona jahaaan se dikhaayi na pade

Keep down synonyms
annoy afflict torture overwhelm suppress vex trample maltreat harass prey on persecute subjugate torment pick on force distress dispirit tax smother hound worry crush overload overpower overthrow outrage overcome aggrieve sadden handicap wrong abuse plague burden trouble dishearten saddle ride rule encumber harry put down beat down despotize put screws to put the squeeze on put upon tyrranize weigh heavy upon hinder prevent inhibit confine detain subdue kill deter restrict curb hamper govern limit constrain curtail repress control fetter chain direct harness circumscribe check muzzle debar manacle arrest impound proscribe imprison stay bridle gag hold cool delimit bind keep jail contain guide cork bottle up tie up pinion box up choke back crack down hem in hogtie keep in line lock up pull back sit on tie down dampen soften lower benumb soft-pedal reduce drown deaden moderate turn down cork up decrease the volume keep it down pipe down put damper on put the lid on cut off muffle quell quash squelch stifle clam lull extinguish still dull cut short dumb hush-hush shut up overawe tongue-tie choke off clam up close up cool it dry up dummy up quiet down say nothing strike dumb hold one's tongue hush one's mouth
Keep down antonyms
aid soothe comfort assist surrender calm release compliment praise give in delight benefit gladden make happy please help let go yield leave alone encourage inspirit boost permit liberate forsake loosen mislead allow promote free start turn on abandon give up misguide neglect set free increase voice strengthen articulate speak communicate talk be noisy agitate disturb irritate 
Usage of Keep down in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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