Largesse meaning in hindi | Largesse ka matlab 

Largesse meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Largesse 
Usage of Largesse: 1: Enjoy the largesse someone 2: He showed in this occasion many largesse 3: Make great largesse 4: Pious largesse

Largesse synonyms
fund philanthropy endowment donation offering assistance beneficence dole oblation relief alms contribution benefaction helping hand alms-giving write-off gifting hand-out hospitality kindness unselfishness goodness bounteousness readiness profusion charitableness magnanimity benevolence bounty altruism high-mindedness nobleness all heart free giving premium grant bonus tip benefit award souvenir subsidy favor legacy reward tribute present allowance dispensation remembrance hand-me-down pittance bequest honorarium boon subscription presentation libation ration lagniappe courtesy provision handout token bestowal giveaway fairing remittance offertory goodie perk fringe benefit salve recompense perquisite sweetener grease palm little something big-heartedness bountifulness generousness great-heartedness lavishness freehandedness
Largesse antonyms
hindrance hurt injury stealing taking malevolence uncharitableness unkindness selfishness greed meanness stinginess loss forfeit penalty 
Usage of Largesse in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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