Lay in meaning in hindi | Lay in ka matlab 

Lay in meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lay in 
Usage of Lay in: 1: By 1168 nearly the whole of the eastern Adriatic coast lay in Manuel's hands.

Lay in synonyms
amass reap pick up cull hoard extract glean gather hive treasure stockpile deposit assemble cumulate save harvest store reserve roll up stow away accumulate build up bury conserve hide keep preserve salt away spare store up squirrel away lay aside lay away put out of the way reserve cache set aside store away sell handle provide carry equip furnish fill have provision deal in keep on hand trade in protest manifest march parade picket fast strike rally action for a cause exhibit lie in march on sit in stage walkout
Lay in antonyms
squander disperse scatter use spend throw away waste distribute divide separate plant dissipate spread use up deplete take give let go conceal hide distort falsify misrepresent lose confuse 
Usage of Lay in in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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