Lead off meaning in hindi | Lead off ka matlab 

Lead off meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lead off 
Usage of Lead off: 1: It was common practice to lead off the young ones, and teach them bad habits

Lead off synonyms
socialize start be friendly and talkative break ground cut the first turf lay the first stone lead the way make a start oil the works open the way pave the way set at ease smooth the path start the ball rolling take the plunge get one's feet wet initiate begin inaugurate take up launch originate arise embark on enter upon come into being come into existence get cracking get going get show on road hit the ground running jump into kick off tear into join enroll muster enlist subscribe become member commit oneself get oneself into join up participate in set about set out on set to sign on sign up tee off early prime antecedent head premier fundamental opening leading initial primary least inaugural pioneer aboriginal cardinal key basic front primitive beginning anterior ahead elementary first off incipient introductory number one primeval primordial pristine rudimentary inceptive smallest headmost in the beginning numero uno primogenial right up front slightest suggest offer propose submit recommend announce advance familiarize harbinger acquaint air herald ventilate usher preface broach precede bring out bring up come out with fix up get together do the honors get things rolling give introduction knock down lead into open up put forward set forth spring with start ball rolling
Lead off antonyms
complete cease close conclude end finish stop avoid dodge exit abstain refrain delete erase die depart go leave withdraw forget following auxiliary trivial unimportant minor additional extra subordinate last inessential insignificant nonessential least inferior secondary final ending withhold deny refuse conceal dissuade hide subtract close up take away extract 
Usage of Lead off in sentences

The word is used as adjective verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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