Let out meaning in hindi | Let out ka matlab 

Let out meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Let out 
Usage of Let out: 1: The meeting let out at about seven o'clock . 2: I see you have had to let out your trousers . 3: I let out the back room to someone . 4: In the past, factories had short funnels to let out smoke 5: By analogy, it means let out a liquid 6: Medical rounded and painful tumors that form around the anus, and usually let out from time to time a certain amount of blood
Let out ki paribhasha : kisi baat se bachane ya koi matalab nikaalane ke liye apane snbndh men koi jhooth baat kahana

Let out synonyms
divulge disclose blather gab babble jabber spill gabble tattle mouth betray yak prattle chatter tell squeal go on shoot the breeze spill the beans tell on peach blurt out let slip run off at the mouth run on yakkety-yak talk through one's hat exclaim leak spout come out with burst out with call out cry out let the cat ouf of the bag proclaim inform convey impart transmit announce make public pass on relate connect advertise disseminate transfer interact write broadcast get across correspond contact suggest publicize signify discover imply carry enlighten raise acquaint hint publish state spread advise phone unfold report network declare touch base get through reach out be in touch interface keep in touch make known ring up oust unload expel terminate displace remove replace exempt discard bust supersede eject excuse fire dispense relieve cashier absolve bounce bump nix supplant spare disburden disencumber ax can kick out lay off let off let go boot out freeze out give one notice let one go lock out privilege from ride out on rail run out of town show the door decline disband reject release dissolve shed repudiate dispatch disperse chase relegate divorce abolish bundle deport detach banish relinquish clear chuck repel outlaw brush off cast off dispense with dispose of do without send packing turn out cast out drive out force out have done with push aside push back send off show out slough off sweep away suspend recall retire sack depose impeach disqualify furlough drop depone shelve unseat pension put away shut out defrock unfrock deselect disemploy disfrock give notice to give the ax give the gate give the heave-ho give walking papers give warning turn away wash out draw out stretch pad protract fill drag out put rubber in spin out drag one's feet breathe give off emit vaporize emanate respire evaporate issue steam bring to light prove unmask bare uncover open display exhibit streak parade feature flaunt manifest brandish unearth flash debunk crack unveil present disport denude air unclothe show off trot out dig up lay bare lay open let cat out of bag open to view put on view smoke out tip off unshroud last widen boost broaden develop enlarge increase continue take enhance expand supplement augment magnify dilate mantle unfurl unroll stall multiply heighten aggrandize amplify add to beef up carry on crane fan out spread out string out rescue pardon extricate acquit save ransom unbind reprieve demobilize spring deliver undo disengage redeem untie enfranchise unleash bail emancipate bail out cut loose unchain disenthrall disimprison let loose let off the hook put on the street set free turn loose uncage unfetter unfix distend proceed make longer allow avow concede confess grant indicate say own up disembarrass unhook bail one out free up get out from under unshackle save one's neck provide lend advance scratch stake accommodate credit score lay on one alleviate break up disconnect disjoin mitigate relax separate slacken unbuckle unbutton unfasten unhitch unlock unclasp unloose untighten become unfastened ease off unbar unbolt unlace unlash unlatch unpin unscrew unsnap unstick unstrap work free work loose extort drain wring evoke suck extract bleed evince exhaust fleece express siphon elicit pump empty draw off impose on take advantage take out acknowledge explain affirm admit utter notify break the news bring out into open get out of system give out give the low-down let cat out of the bag let fall make plain put cards on table commit entrust command confide confer patronize consign commission delegate aid assign store turn over give over make trustee put into hands of sign over vent pronounce croon speak moan verbalize shout groan enunciate warble chirp sing sound chant yodel voice belt out canary give someone his or her walking papers give someone the ax give someone the gate give someone the pink slip show someone the door sob wail sigh grieve mourn complain howl fret bemoan bewail sniff regret lament sorrow whimper whine bawl squall keen snivel caterwaul blubber yowl deplore yammer choke up crack up break down mewl boohoo burst into tears dissolve in tears let it all out put on the weeps ring the blues shed bitter tears shed tears turn on waterworks drip ululate let it out
Let out antonyms
conceal hide shut up be quiet secrete keep quiet withhold suppress bottle up refrain fasten mend put together obey stabilize cause wait cover keep secret take attach fix join secure agree strengthen allow stay delude mislead repress deceive lose stop hire blame condemn detain imprison dam owe retain assign delegate employ engage load legalize permit preserve welcome accept promote maintain appoint begin do shorten curtail constrict abbreviate contract inhale take in breathe in guard protect shield bury save narrow restrict compress hinder decrease lessen cease discontinue abridge degrade condense cut take back halt diminish lower reduce shrink close finish harm injure damn sentence restrain confine enslave incarcerate burden compel limit hurt bind deny disacknowledge hold back prevent smooth borrow tighten hoard leave alone disavow repudiate refuse contradict reject dispute dissent impede obstruct disbelieve distrust mistrust oppose mumble listen increase connect couple hitch hook link combine unite button punish convict gloat praise delight be happy please 
Usage of Let out in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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