Lineage meaning in hindi | Lineage ka matlab 

Lineage meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lineage 
Usage of Lineage: 1: his entire lineage has been warriors 2: The Nelson lineage in Virginia began with Thomas "Scotch Tom" Nelson 3: The Page family lineage in Virginia began even earlier 4: David's lineage is fully documented in , . 5: Cephalogale gave rise to a lineage of early bears of the genus Ursavus. 6: Royal lineage was traced through the women in ancient Egypt. 7: Marriage to a queen of the royal lineage was necessary for a male king 8: As noted previously, lineage was traced through maternal relationships. 9: The Pashtuns are the world's largest segmentary lineage ethnic group. 10: Later medieval Cholas also claimed a long and ancient lineage to their dynasty.
Lineage ki paribhasha : khadg ke bich ka vah bhaag jo ooancha ho, arthaat jahaaan par vah adhik chaud hota hai hinduon men manushy samaaj ka vah vibhaag jo pahale pahal karmaanusaar kiya gaya thaa, par pichhe se svabhaavata: janmaanusaar ho gaya kisi vnsh men utpann purushon ko poorvottar kram se soochi

Lineage synonyms
origin clan pedigree genealogy descent tribe progeny family house kin breed kindred extraction heredity race blood birth succession line offspring folk stock descendants progenitors forebears stirps
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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