Lost meaning in hindi | Lost ka matlab 

Lost meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lost 
Usage of Lost: 1: She lost her eyesight in the accident. 2: The merchandise was lost at sea. 3: Southern Television lost their franchise in the reorganization. 4: His is a lost case. It is a lost cause. 5: They were lost in the meanderings. 6: The children got lost in forest. 7: My suitcase was lost in transit. 8: His protests were lost in the noise. 9: Thousands of lives were lost in the earthquake. 10: She has retrieved her lost purse after two days.
Lost ki paribhasha : shrama, kasht ya jhnjhat se vyaakul jo bahut durdasha ko pahuanch gaya ho aaanch par chadhaakar itana gaadha kiya hua doodh ki usaki pindi baaandh saken kh dikhata adrasht tha vidhaata vaam kar se pahale ka nirachay raddh karana vaataavaran ki vah sthiti jisamen hava na chal rahi ho

Lost synonyms
absent adrift disoriented invisible vanished hidden misplaced gone missed lacking strayed wandering forfeit obscured mislaid minus astray down the drain irrevocable off-course wayward without forfeited disappeared at sea cast away fallen between cracks gone astray irrecoverable irretrievable kiss goodbye nowhere to be found out the window unredeemed wasted obsolete dead bygone misspent obliterated lapsed past forgotten dissipated ruined wrecked out-of-date annihilated devastated perished exterminated consumed eradicated squandered demolished frittered misused abolished unremembered wiped out absorbed unconscious bewildered perplexed abstracted engrossed spellbound musing preoccupied bemused absentminded dreamy faraway feeble ignorant rapt distrait entranced going in circles inconscient taken in taken up
Lost antonyms
successful winning existing living aware cognizant seen accomplishing found alive existent attentive current repaired present saved disinterested unoccupied 
Usage of Lost in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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