Lovely meaning in hindi | Lovely ka matlab 

Lovely meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lovely 
Usage of Lovely: 1: There are lovely lilies near the brook. 2: The window offered a lovely view of the lake. 3: They had a lovely moveable feast on new years day. 4: He is a lovely boy. 5: Sleet looks lovely on mountain areas. 6: The altar was graced with lovely white f lowers . 7: Here are some lovely roses . 8: We had a lovely time . 9: In concert they planned a lovely event . 10: It was a lovely watch .
Lovely ki paribhasha : jainon anusaar vah karm jisase jiv saubhaagyavaan hota hai ek snkar rog ka naam jo gauri, maarava aur trivan ke milane se bana hai

Lovely synonyms
alluring engaging pleasing splendid sweet stunning pleasant delightful delicate delicious gorgeous graceful enchanting pretty exquisite handsome picture fair knockout winning dainty nice admirable adorable amiable attractive comely delectable enjoyable good-looking gratifying rare scrumptious beauteous bewitching pulchritudinous captivating lovesome
Lovely antonyms
repulsive undesirable insignificant unfriendly unpleasant horrible awful drab unlovely unsightly poor ordinary ugly homely disagreeable unhappy 
Usage of Lovely in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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