Mantled meaning in hindi | Mantled ka matlab 

Mantled meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mantled 
Mantled ki paribhasha : nadi ya parakote aadi se chaaron or se ghira hua

Mantled synonyms
mantle color rouge crimson have rosy cheeks turn red turn scarlet drape dress up swaddle swathe fit cloak disguise attire equip do up gown vest habit accouter garb costume spruce rig array endue deck enwrap robe tog caparison raiment outfit invest jacket primp coat apparel endow dud turn out bundle up dizen habilitate dandify bedizen bedrape breech fit out livery suit up protect blanket shroud enclose bury layer overcast shield eclipse crown surface daub stash hood carpet overlay cache camouflage house curtain screen envelop superimpose canopy enfold conceal mask enshroud shade ensconce obscure secrete put on overspread superpose encase board up bush up cover up do on the sly set on prolong last widen stretch boost broaden develop lengthen enlarge increase continue take go on enhance open expand supplement draw augment magnify dilate unfurl unroll stall pad unfold elongate multiply protract heighten aggrandize amplify add to beef up carry on drag out draw out prolongate crane fan out let out run on spin out spread out string out drag one's feet burn suffuse pink rose flame color up go red pinken shine glisten twinkle gleam flare brighten blaze glimmer smolder glitter ignite thrill light blare tingle kindle fill be suffused tint bloody paint rubric dye rust ruddy rubify ruddle rubricate incarnadine ruby whitewash stonewall beard launder dim finesse put up a front incandesce
Mantled antonyms
pale blanch uncover disrobe reveal open unclothe take off unmask unwrap disregard ignore exclude lay bare expose show let go tell take out lay out abandon forget leave alone shorten narrow restrict compress hinder decrease lessen cease discontinue abridge hide degrade constrict curtail condense cut take back abbreviate halt end stop diminish lower reduce shrink lose close finish contract hold keep maintain uncolor dull extinguish put out whiten lighten darken depress 
Usage of Mantled in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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