Marbles meaning in hindi | Marbles ka matlab 

Marbles meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Marbles 
Usage of Marbles: 1: He collects marbles as a hobby. 2: John acts as if he doesn't have all his marbles . 3: Crozat's in France and the Walpole gallery and Lyde Browne marbles in England. 4: Do you have marbles in your ears? I said, listen to them . 5: He said marble works and samples of different marbles 6: Imitating the paint mixing and arrangement of different colors that are in some marbles 7: It says yet some rocks, some marbles 8: Playing marbles 9: The one, the one that makes and sells chess boards, tables to play checkers, chess, marbles to play pool, all kinds of items of ivory, ebony, etc
Marbles ki paribhasha : vah shakti jisake anusaar manushy kisi upasthit vishay ke snbndh men thik thik vichaar ya nirnay karata hai man ki vah shakti jisase bhale bure ka gyaan hota ho

Marbles synonyms
thought head perception talent power consciousness brain genius attention mentality soul intellect psyche imagination sense instinct wisdom judgment spirit intuition ingenuity intellectual reasoning capacity creativity ratiocination soundness function regard brainpower understanding faculty lucidity conception observation cognizance percipience thinker brains apperception intellectuality logic inference deduction comprehension argumentation acumen induction moderation rationality apprehension discernment propriety rationalization speculation generalization intellection rationalism dialectics senses sensibleness limits reasonableness bounds sound mind prudence normality stability common sense intelligence sagacity balance judiciousness clear mind good judgment healthy mind levelheadedness right mind acuteness astuteness awareness cleverness discrimination grasp insight keenness perspicacity practicality sapience shrewdness sagaciousness sageness esprit astucity depth of perception sphere earth globe world marble orb heavenly body terrene asteroid apple planetoid luminous body wandering star stipple speck soil splotch blot speckle tarnish splash stud spatter dapple pimple sully stripe besmirch blotch taint fleck dirty mottle dot pepper maculate bespatter piece figure effigy image bust likeness statuary sculpture bronze icon simulacrum representation ivory cast statuette torso smear daub band slash vein strake
Marbles antonyms
ignorance inability incapacity weakness physicality reality incompetence unsoundness amnesia disbelief disinclination stupidity body being neglect corporeality misinterpretation mistake misunderstanding insanity instability madness ineptness craziness clean overlook unspot entity 
Usage of Marbles in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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