Mascot meaning in hindi | Mascot ka matlab 

Mascot meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mascot 
Usage of Mascot: 1: The regimental mascot is a leopard. 2: The sports teams' mascot is a goat named "Bill". 3: Athena's owl also serves as the mascot of the college. 4: The anthropomorphic Echidna Millie was a mascot for the 2000 Summer Olympics. 5: MSU's mascot is a Spartan warrior named Sparty. 6: Cossacks are also a popular school mascot 7: Its logo and mascot is Puffy, a pufferfish. 8: Cheburashka is a mascot of the Russian national Olympic team.
Mascot ki paribhasha : taantrikon ke anusaar kuchh vishisht prakaar se bane hue aakaar ya koshthak aadi, jinamen kuchh ank ya akshar aadi likhe rahate hain aur jinake anek prakaar ke phal maane jaate hain

Mascot synonyms
phylactery trinket amulet good-luck piece lucky piece madstone zemi rabbit's foot image superstition talisman idol cult object voodoo doll
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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