Mount meaning in hindi | Mount ka matlab 

Mount meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mount 
Usage of Mount: 1: Expenses really mount up when you travel . 2: The traditional low-tech system is to mount coloured chalk on the rotor tips 3: The highest peak of Azerbaijan is mount Bazardüzü 4: Reparse points are used to implement volume mount points 5: Henceforth, he would only be able to mount limited challenges to Muhammad. 6: The male wolf will mount the female firmly from behind. 7: As it turned out, though, the horse was so wild that no man could mount him. 8: Rounds from the Phalanx mount on Jarret struck Missouri 9: T-80s can mount three large external fuel drums to extend their range. 10: A mount vermeil, gold, silver
Mount ki paribhasha : kisi chij par visheshata: chalane ke liye chadhane ki kriya yogashaastr men ek chakr ka naam vedaant men kramaanusaar jivaatma ki oordha्vagatiya kramasha: uttamottam yoniyon ki praapt hona jamin ke oopar vah bahut adhik utha hua praakratik bhaag jo aas paas ki jamin se bahut aadhik ooancha hota hai aur jo praayaः patthar hi patthar hota hai ras men ek vibhaag jisake avalnb se ras ki utpatti hoti hai kisi lasili vastu ko bich men dekar do vastuon ko paraspar is prakaar jodna ki ve jaldi alag na ho saken chaar paironvaala ek prasiddh aur bad pashu vistaar ya parimaan men adhik hona

Mount synonyms
escalate rise soar arise scale ascend back up lift vault tower go up bestride escalade clamber up climb onto climb up on get astride get up on jump on intensify build heighten expand aggravate augment swell wax upsurge enlarge multiply redouble enhance accumulate deepen rouse intensate pile up prepare fit set up produce install stage exhibit position emplace show put on put in place
Mount antonyms
decrease lessen alight dismount slump subside lower descend fall decline drop unfix weaken soften compress shrink reduce conceal hide displace lose 
Usage of Mount in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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