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Word: Amount

Meanings of Amount in malayalam :

Theaathu (തോത്‌) Aarohanam cheyyuka (ആരോഹണം ചെയ്യുക) Noun Meaattham (മൊത്തം) Samkhya (സംഖ്യ) Samucchayam (സമുച്ചയം) Poor‍nnavila (പൂര്‍ണ്ണവില) Thuka (തുക) Mishradhanam (മിശ്രധനം) Alavu (അളവ്‌) Verb Thulyamaayirikkuka (തുല്യമായിരിക്കുക) Aaketthuka (ആകെത്തുക) Thukayaakuka (തുകയാകുക) Parinamikkuka (പരിണമിക്കുക)
Amount definition
a quantity of money
Ex: he borrowed a large sum
how much of something is available
Ex: an adequate amount of food for four people
how much there is of something that you can measure
(mathematics) a quantity obtained by addition
be tantamount or equivalent to
Ex: Her action amounted to a rebellion
add up in number or quantity
Ex: The bills amounted to $2,000
develop into
Ex: This idea will never amount to anything
Related definition of Amount

anumaanam anumānam s . Inference , guess . Den v . Anumikka f . I . Athin‍re parimaana tthe anumikkaam gan . From this you may find the amount . Enthu athinotu anumippathu rc46 . Compare .

irattikka v . A . & n . To double , multiply randi ne iratticcha naalu gan . Onnu kotutthaal‍ irattikkum ikkaalam (po . ) onnukku naal‍ iratti cchu thannu tr . Paid four times the amount (= kandu) .

undaruthi "end of enjoyment" deed of acquittance . Undaruthi aadhaaram mr . A mortgage , in which the mortgagee occupies the estate at a fixed rent , out of which be pays the amount of the interest on his loan , & such proportion of the principal , as shall liquidate it in a specified number of years w . Undaruthipaattam or kaanam a lease of grounds , paying the rent for all the years agreed to in advance .

Related wordsAmount - Thulyamaayirikkuka (തുല്യമായിരിക്കുക) Amounting - Thukavarunna (തുകവരുന്ന)
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